Dress Up

I never thought I would become the type of dog owner that would dress up her dog. While Z, the female for our two Australian Cattle dogs is not a pocket size dog she does look good a little feminine.

It started out with a hot pink hawaiin print bandana – which i do not have a picture of. She does not wear it that much but still I find it so darn cute to put it on her.

Then came the matching collars for the her and her brother, Nitro. The plaid is the latest and our favorites right now.

Nitor’s Collar

Then came the “the dogs claw at us and it hurts” – solution? Colored rubber tips. Z got blazin’ hot pink! I giggle at her every time I see them. Nitro was ordered blue but got black so nothing special to see there.

Z’s Pink Nails!

Can I blame it all on my husband? He started it with the looking and the asking “do you wanna?” and then me giving in. But the thing i don’t think I can get away with is the fact that I’m enjoying it! So, what next I wonder…

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Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things about What I’m Committed in 2007
1 – Monday night Bible study
2 – Wednesday Night Bible Study
3 – Sunday Church
4– Art group – first Tuesday of each month.
5 – Thursday Thirteen
6 – Shifting Gears Tx to OR posting a new story or comment every Friday.
7 – Game Night on Saturday – What do we play? Imagine If, Apples to Apples, Cranium, Hand & Foot…
8 – 40 hour work week.
9 – To Be Read Challenge – read a book on your TBR one each month.
10 – Blogging at least twice a week. Okay, this includes or can exclude the Shifting Gears because some weeks are just busier.
11 – Train my Australian Cattle dog “Z”
12 – 1 block print each month for art group and I’ll blog about it.
13 – Apply the knowledge learned about budgeting and finances from the Financial Piece University. A course my husband and I went through last year.

As an added bonus I have signed up at church to help build their website and also they’re interested in having me work on a new church identity (new logo ect.). I’m not sure how this will all fit in my schedule!

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