Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things about Me – Randomly

1 – I’ve been married 8 months come the 22nd.

2 – No, we do not have children. No, we will not be having them soon. Yes, I could rant about this for a while and probably will post about it.

3 – I have been drinking Starbuck’s Vanilla Soy Latte’s for about 7 or 8 years… ok the soy is a little newer lets say 5 w/ the soy. Think of the money!

4 – We’re getting an awesome tax return and with some of it i’m buying a new digital camera – probably a Canon A640 w/ the flip screen.

5 – I just got a hot pink razr cell phone – yes just in time to be out dated but this is the coolest phone i’ve ever had.

6 – Maybe contradictory to what you’re thinking – i rarely buy a new phone – the one i just replaced was about 2.5yrs old.

7 – I read a lot of fiction books. See the TBR challenge post for a list of things i’m reading this year, not all fiction.

8 – I’m an artiest – block prints mostly – although a friend is trying to get me started in screen printing so we can go into business and sell t-shirts and loose oops i mean make money.

9 – What i “do” is graphic design – full time – in house but not at my house, sadly.

10 – I’m a Christian – currently going to a great baptist church where we sing from hymnals.

11 – I’m very aware of textures good and bad – be it clothing, foods, touching other objects – for example clothing: the softer the better, food: clams are rubbery and overly chewy & i don’t like them, Other objects: cotton gloves stick to my fingers when my hands are dry.

12 – I own 2 Australian cattle dogs that most of the time i want to strangle – they need a yard so badly the poor things.

13 – I love visiting the beach! With grandparent-in-laws that live in a coastal town in Oregon my husband and i visit as much as we can – sadly not as much as we want.

As an added bonus I have signed up at church to help build their website and also they’re interested in having me work on a new church identity (new logo ect.). I’m not sure how this will all fit in my schedule!

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2 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #2”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Like your TT list. I enjoyed my visit. I was born and raised in Oregon, so I can relate to your visiting. It is a great state…I miss it.

  2. Starla Says:

    I’m personally holding out for the new iPhone. I already have AT&T/Cingular/AT&T so now I just need to come up with $600. I’ve had my phone for about four years now and it is definitely time for an upgrade!

    Happy TT!

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