Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Websites I read about or found this week

This post originally was going to be an email and then I realized – why not post for everyone? A majority of these links I found in the magazine Real Simple issue March ’07. I’ll be quoting and paraphrasing snip-its of their original comments. If you’ve never picked up this mag, I highly recommend it. It covers all the general topics that make up a woman (home, life, health and fashion {but in a helpful here’s what’s in and where to get it and if you’re this body type heres what we recommend} ) On another size note -i have not personally visited or test every single site and or service, use your own judgment.

From RealSimple:
1 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology –

MIT offers a far more comprehensive selection of free online courses than other universities. Although to use the online feature you can’t enroll, take classes on campus, or earn degrees.

2 – BBC, FrenchPodClass {and many other languages} –

The BBC offers top-notch online and MP3 lessons in languages familiar and obscure, including French, German, Poruguese, Mandarin, Greek and Urdu. These lessons however are a one size fits all, which fast learners may find sluggish and slow learns may find difficult.

3 – U.S. Small Business Administration – {click on “Local Resources” for a nearby center & for financial & marketing info}

Learn how to write a business plan, register your company, and deal with the tax details of running a home business at your local Women’s Business Center evening classes (men are welcome, too). Again this is a one size fits all.

4 – Apple Stores – {click on “visit an Apple store”}

Gives excellent classes on business and entertainment software, music programs, and computer basics, all remarkably free of sales pitches. Classes are also offered for Apple hardware, like iPods.

5 – Kid’s Night on Broadway –

Once a year (this year it was in late January), children ages 6 to 18 can experience the Great White Way for free with a full-paying adult. There are also Kids’ NIghts for nationally touring shows throughout the year. Of course, tickets go fast.

6 – Skype –

Download and install free Skype software and call other Skype users, computer to computer, at no charge, anywhere in the world. Best used with DSL or cable modem.

7 – & Title Trader –

List the books that you’d like to get rid of, then wait for someone to request one. Mail the book to the person and you’ll receive a credit to choose your own book. PaperBackSwap is only paper back books but Title Trader is dvds, cds, and vhs.

8 – The Freecycle Network – to find a group

The nonprofit community group with an enviromental mission lets users “recycle” unwatned items by posting ads on local online bulletin boards. If you find something you like respond to the ad. You are responsible for taking the stuff home.

9 – Real Simple –

This is a free downloadable form to keep track of your spending. I haven’t looked at it yet but it might be helpful.

Sites I found on my own:

10 – Etsy –

At this website you can find anything handmade! The concept is you have a business of making oh, say, jewelry and you want to sell it – well Etsy lets you have a virtual store! I don’t know the logistics of it but it’s an awesome place to browse. I highly recommend: Rainy Prints for some amazing lino block prints.

11 – Rhonna Designs –

Inspiration for scrapbooking – paper but more excitingly digital scraping which is what I’m interested in. If nothing else was good about this site I would just love for the web design. You’ll have to go look around for your self. She currently has a weekly challenge/meme going about color. Journal is an interesting link but the other three lead you to different scrapbooking sites or her personal Cafe Press site.

12 – Starbuck’s Make It Your Drink –

Never mind if you love or hate their coffee. It can not be denied they have a sweet budget and creatives for awesome design and promotion. Now, through the power of the net you see your drink order in great hand writing typography.
Here is mine: Starbucks drink

13 – Penelope –

She is a great illustrator and has inspirational work. I enjoy her blog as well. She also created a great weekly creative excersize called Illustration Friday – a topic is posted at the beginning of the week, you illustrate it, post it to your site and link it to hers. The website and little goodies like interviews has really blossomed over the past year, though i’m not sure how long its been going total.

Hope you enjoyed!

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4 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #3”

  1. Jenny Says:

    ooo i want a starbucks tshirt!!

  2. GP Says:

    always on the look out for good picks. Thanx and happy TT
    GP in Montana

  3. kabababrubarta Says:

    Nice design! kabababrubarta

  4. Mike Says:

    Great list. Very informative. I should vist some of them.


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