Unconscious Mutterings #1

I found this meme on Luna Nina who I found through Live-Love-Read who I found through ThursdayThirteen

This meme is all about free association:

  1. Tumor :: Horrible
  2. Bunch :: Grapes
  3. Gratitude :: Grandparents
  4. Feel alive :: Ocean
  5. Connect :: Dial Up
  6. Temptation :: Chocolate
  7. Brighten :: Saturate
  8. Jewelry :: Shiny
  9. Tough :: Nails
  10. Harmless :: Flowers

Okay that was fun…


2 Responses to “Unconscious Mutterings #1”

  1. nancy Says:

    Loved your answers.

    Today is friday fill in if you are interested.

    Thanks for coming by. I love that quote.

  2. Mike Says:

    Love your 13, although I consider chocolates as … well, reward for me 🙂


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