I’m back from a 5 day vacation on the Oregon coast. It was so relaxing.

(on a side note: i just found the freakin’ text editor in the “visual” setting for a poster. Yea! No more coding the color!)

The past 2-3 weeks had been extremely stressful. My husband’s job changed – his boss sold his private vet practice to a corporation. Thankfully, no one got fired but still lots of changes as far as schedule (longer hours gets home at 8p on some nights), people & rules. The changes of course had brought on some stress that was felt by both of us. Then my company has/is going through it’s busy convention/trade show time and i’ve been working long hours under crazy deadline pressure. It was also very stressful trying to leave the office for vacation – it took forever to wrap up all my loose ends and i still don’t think i did a tidy job of it. So, needless to say we needed this!

The other more important cause for vacation – we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary! Weeeeee!

We staid at the wonderful hotel with the even better view Inn at Spanish Head for 4 days and 3 nights *sigh*. I would show you pictures but I can’t get them off my camera at the moment because my computer isn’t recognizing it. Updates soon. This hotel is built into the side of the bluff so every room has a fantastic view of the ocean.

Saturday we ran about town – store for cheesecake*, Borders for Harry Potter. Oh, Saturday morning was spent at the Gresham Art Walk. The Art Walk is made up of all these different artist in booths selling what they make. I drooled over a few very nice watercolors that i couldn’t afford. However, what I did pick up was equally wonderful: 1 – a hand blown class cup, it has purples and white swirled together, beautiful work! 2 – a print of a watercolor of gold and white koi fish swimming in blue water, it’s printed on this stringy fiber Japanese paper – it’ll look great in the living room. It’s being framed, we get to pick it up tomorrow.

*The significants of the cheesecake; we had it at our wedding instead of traditional cake. We included berries and chocolate sauce. It was delicious!

Other things done on the vacation:

  • strolls on the beach
  • – picking up agates
  • – broken pieces of mussel shells
  • – tiny tiny tiny purple swirl shells
  • – getting slightly sunburned on the face
  • lunch with the husband’s grandparents that live on the coast
  • shopping at the outlet mall
  • going to galleries we’d never been to before
  • reading the last Harry Potter – nice ending to the series
  • watching the sunset from our balcony
    – i was reading HP off and on while hubby snapped photos
  • driving down the cost
    – imagining what it would be like to own one of the houses for sale
    – taking more photos
  • eating breakfast at the hotel’s great restaurant – yum!
  • watched a few movies in the room
  • lots of sleeping – it’s wonderful going to bed around 11p and not getting up until 9:30a or so when your body naturally does it!

The very last thing we did as we were leaving town as pop into a new housing development “Olivia Beach” – awesome homes! This the style, the size, the interior decorating that i want for my home where ever it may be but hopefully on the coast. The funny thing… we’d been left by our selves to wonder the model home and when we came back down a woman (different from the first realtor we met) greeted us and started chatting us up about the house. She asks what we do and she finds out the husband is a photographer and gets all excited about seeing a portfolio we don’t have with us. She said she had just got photos back from a photographer they hired for shots of the houses in the development and how horrible they were! More business talk goes on and she proposed that if we had a little bit of time to shoot some of the houses she’d pay us for whatever photos she liked. So, of course we take her up on the offer, get toured around some more and leave with the promise of emailing her so she can view/but the photos. Funny that we stop in for dreaming and walk away with a little bit of potential business. If nothing else, she was a great to talk to.

So, we got home and picked up the dogs from being boarded. They where VERY VERY excited to see us. Z is sleeping beside me now – aww.

Back to the grind for me tomorrow and I bet at least 60 emails.


2 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. Mary-LUE Says:

    Hi there! Thanks for coming by the other day. I’m sorry it took so long to return the visit. It sounds like you guys had a great time. I’d love to see the pictures once you get the camera/computer thing sorted out.

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