Summer in Review

I’ll say it too – “It’s fall!” I have now had to turn my heater on and wear a coat at night. With the changing of the season, a challenge has been thrown out by my friend Erin to tell about your summer.  Here are a few highlights:

May – Grandparent’s Anniversary
At the end of May my maternal Grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. I was able to design their party invite for my sister and aunts who were coordinating the event. The best part was flying down to Texas as a surprise! Amazingly enough it worked, those that knew in the family didn’t accidentally let it spill. Oh, how I miss my family!

June – Sister, her husband and his family come to visit
My sister, her husband, her mother in law and her husband’s brother all came up at end of May and left in that first week of June. We visited all kinds of places but to me the most interesting was Mt. St. Helen’s because i had not been up there in my 3 years of living in Oregon (yes, i realize Helen is in Washington). Second was getting to the top of Multnomah falls, never made the hike all the way up before, the river that becomes the long water fall is gorgeous. Again if I was good at the picture thing i’d post some.

July – First Wedding Anniversary
Yea! My husband and I returned to our favorite hotel to celebrate. If you want to read more about it Clicky.

August – Life
I’m not sure that we did anything too exciting in August.

September – Life again
Yeah, again, I think we just worked and lived and made a quick trip to the coast which we had not done since July.

Dog  Summer Activities:
We had the dogs in Obedience 3, off lead training and hand signals. I work with “Z” the female and this was her first go around. I think she did okay but I need to work with her more outside of class. We also did agility training – jumping over hurtles, going through tubes, walking on platforms. That was so much fun! Z is good and very fast at it but a little stubborn about jumping over the hurtles.  

That was our summer!

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Dress Up

I never thought I would become the type of dog owner that would dress up her dog. While Z, the female for our two Australian Cattle dogs is not a pocket size dog she does look good a little feminine.

It started out with a hot pink hawaiin print bandana – which i do not have a picture of. She does not wear it that much but still I find it so darn cute to put it on her.

Then came the matching collars for the her and her brother, Nitro. The plaid is the latest and our favorites right now.

Nitor’s Collar

Then came the “the dogs claw at us and it hurts” – solution? Colored rubber tips. Z got blazin’ hot pink! I giggle at her every time I see them. Nitro was ordered blue but got black so nothing special to see there.

Z’s Pink Nails!

Can I blame it all on my husband? He started it with the looking and the asking “do you wanna?” and then me giving in. But the thing i don’t think I can get away with is the fact that I’m enjoying it! So, what next I wonder…

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